Dating by zodiac

12-Nov-2017 17:51

Bearing the sign of the Ram, a man with this Zodiac sign is mostly strong, independent and masculine.Here are a few nuggets of wisdom on what it is like to date an Aries guy and how to keep him interested.Click Here To Read More About Dating An Aries It takes the typical Taurus in a relationship, a long time to open up and admit their feelings. If you can get through their emotional barriers, you can find great happiness with a Taurus as a lover. Click Here To Read More About Dating A Taurus If you want to date a Gemini, you better be prepared for adventure and for an active social life because they like to always be on the go.Entertainment is the key to the success of this relationship.

Here are the pros and cons of dating each sign: Aries (March 21 - April 19)Taureans are very loveable and will make you feel safe and protected.

Bearing the image of the Twins and born between 20th May to 20th June, a Gemini lover is unlikely to ever let you have a dull moment in life.

However, at the same time, you need to keep up with him or you stand the risk of losing him to a constant need for change and variety.

" — a text you probably got, like, four times this morning already. If someone does one thing to piss you off, that's it, they're canceled. How You'll Meet Your Soul Mate: They've been in love with you forever, and one night, you stay up late having an extremely tight and incredibly woke conversation, and it hits you that this is probably your soul mate (at least till they double-text you and piss you off).

You're a deeply caring partner, loyal as heck, and supportive to the ends of the Earth, but you don't have any time for scrubs.Their zeal is contagious, and they smell adventure and fun like a bloodhound!

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